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1. Application

These General Terms apply to all offers, contracts, agreements and invoices Sunmedia unless in writing by both parties it has passed. In such cases, any deviation in writing and signed for approval by Sunmedia. The client is the one who commissioned and Sunmedia the supplier who has accepted the assignment. The client accepts, without reservation, these Conditions to the exclusion of his own terms in no case against Sunmedia may be invoked even if the present conditions after they were notified. These Terms and Conditions take precedence over the terms of the client or third parties, all other conditions than these Conditions must be confirmed in writing by Sunmedia.

2. Quotations

For contracts for which an offer Sunmedia cast or makes an offer, the contents sufficiently detailed. All to give prices, unless otherwise indicated, excluding VAT. The prices specified in a quotation are valid for the tender offer or definite duration. Acceptance of a contract or offer by Sunmedia confirmed in writing and is binding.

3. Delivery

The agreed delivery periods and delivery dates are indicative and not binding Sunmedia. Substantiated complaints from clients, but any time within fourteen days reported, will result in repair or replacement of the services, goods or defective parts thereof, without Sunmedia above may be liable for damages. Sunmedia can not be held liable for defects and the repair or replacement thereof if the period specified, without receipt of such notification has expired. By request, acquisition and / or registration of a domain, possibly with virtual server space, should be taken into account with a lead time of 7 days. This depends on the provider that the customer prefers. Developing or designing a website done in a predetermined period which depends on the content and the number of supply paginaâ € ™ s. The client is in order, but within 10 working days Sunmedia with all photos and text material which will be used to develop the website. If the client outside this period will provide text and photo material delivering the website delays. Therefore Sunmedia still proceed to the bill. The generic domain names registered by Sunmedia with or without web design available for purchase and may vary digital form, written or oral request. After the definitive acquisition agreement and the written confirmation by Sunmedia thereof shall be simultaneously sent the invoice. Payment is due immediately but within two calendar weeks after date of invoice to the bank account of Sunmedia. The transfer and set the name of the domain names made when the invoice / purchase price is met.

4. Duration and Bea «termination

Sunmedia may terminate the agreement immediately if the client provides one or more of its obligations to Sunmedia not, not properly or fully comply or are acting contrary to the agreement. Sunmedia has the right to terminate the contract without notice or judicial intervention with immediate effect if the customer is declared bankrupt, suspension of payments has been requested or obtained or otherwise dispose of his lost power. Client has no right to any compensation. Client may not, without justification, unilaterally terminate the agreement entered into. Principal, any agreement entered into at least 1 month prior to termination in writing to bea «terminate, or otherwise expressly agreed.

5. Property

Sunmedia Sunmedia or the third party that has received permits for licenses at all times remain the owner of all intellectual and other property rights in all software and content on its websites, including copyright-protected works or other stored information. The client guarantees that he has all the authors and other rights concerning the information of advertising and use that name on his website and let us ensure that Sunmedia never in any way can be held liable or liable.

6. Liability

Given the use of local networks and wireless communication, the client must take into account that the information sent or received via the Internet is freely accessible. Sunmedia can not be held liable for any damage whatsoever caused by sending confidential information. Sunmedia is not liable for protection or abuse by third parties of data being stored. Sunmedia is not liable for such damage, loss of earnings, claims by third parties, loss of customers, loss of data or for any other damage and faults caused by material or information from the client. Also Sunmedia is not liable for direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of the information, inaccurate information, product or service mentioned in the publications by the client and processed on its websites. Sunmedia in no event be liable for any loss or damage to any of any kind whatsoever, in whole or in part the consequence of an on Sunmedia or its appointed due to error or negligence in the performance of the to provide service.

7. Payment

For all services Sunmedia uses a system of tariffs and / or uurbesteding based on estimates of the number of hours that a particular assignment will take. The client undertakes however to all his duties to performance pay. The payment of any invoiced amount, including taxes, must immediately but not later than within two calendar weeks after date of invoice to his bank account without cost to Sunmedia Sunmedia. By default at maturity shall automatically and without notice of the invoice amount plus a penalty of 10% and with a legal interest per month from the due date. Sunmedia will by default also be entitled without notice all further deliveries to the client to suspend and / or current agreements by law to declare dissolved, without prejudice to the right of Sunmedia performance and / or to claim damages from the client. As long as the customer the full price including taxes and fees to raise any interest and / or damages, has not paid Sunmedia remains owner of the delivered goods and / or services.

8. Force Majeure

The client will Sunmedia not liable if and insofar as the agreement wholly or partially unable to fulfill due to force majeure. Force majeure is understood that everything concerning law and jurisprudence, as well as failures of a technical nature that are not under the control of Sunmedia. If the force majeure of a temporary nature, retains Sunmedia retains the right to its commitment to suspend until the force majeure situation exists if the force majeure for more than six months, the agreement shall automatically terminate without Sunmedia in à © à © n of both cases to pay damages Sunmedia reserves the right to demand payment of any benefits in the implementation of the agreement concerned, before the force majeure circumstance causing revealed.

9. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions and all agreements between the client and Sunmedia only Dutch law. The Rotterdam District Court has exclusive authority to take cognizance of disputes arising. If a court ruling one or more of these items will be declared invalid, will other provisions of these terms and conditions remain in full force and will Sunmedia and client consultation to develop new rules to replace the invalid or void provisions come , as much as possible the purpose and intent of the invalid or void provisions are complied with. Sunmedia reserves the right to sue the client for any other competent court. The General Conditions of Sunmedia are available on request.

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